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IP Reputation blacklist

This project on GitHub: IPRep

This is an IpReputation project. Is inspired by http://www.chaosreigns.com/iprep/.
Unfortunately iprep project by chaosreigns seems dead (at least I don't get any feedback from project founder), so I started my own project for my purposes.

Main purpose of the project is improve spamassassin accuracy (decreasing count of false-positives and false negatives).

How I achieved this:
System counts spam and ham messages for each originating IP, and calculates reputation by following formula:
reputation = 100*ham_count / (ham_count+spam_count)

All data are stored in mysql database.
Calculated reputation is provided to spamassassin thru dnsbl mechanism, and spamassassin sets appropriate scores.

So, if I don't got spam from one particular IP, the reputation for this IP equals 100.
And if I got spam and only spam from IP, the reputation would be 0.

In dns reply the last octet is used to show score.
For example IP has reputation 100, and IP's reputation is zero:

$ host has address

$ host has address

This system is running in production on my server.
You can check system status here: Iprep Status Page
If you wish to use my running instance of the iprep as dnsbl, or if you would like to connect to the project to feed data, please write me to <this project name>@valynkin.ru.

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